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Favorite Healthy Picks @ Trader Joes (Round 2) {VIDEO}

Yuuup. Back with Round 2.

I blame it on the scary proximity to my house.

Seriously. I have more of a problem restraining myself from a casual 3 block stroll to Trader Joe’s, than I do passing by the beautiful hand foraged doughnut shop, organic coffee + pastry shop, and brick fired oven pizza restaurant that I pass along the way to get there. Every single time.

Sarah's Favorite Healthy PIcks @ Trader Joes (2) via Simply Real Health

I know, you’re probably not surprised by this fact. I shouldn’t be either.

But, something about finding actual healthy items for cheap (in a store with a lot of unhealthy stuff) really makes me heart beat with happiness. Like a little guilty pleasure.

Which may or may not explain the 4 spaghetti squash sitting on my counter. And 1 butternut. And maybe 1 delicata… or 2. Because they’re so small. And so cute.

You know. How some people think of puppies.

Well. What? They were a dollar. And sitting outside like the flowers, just begging to be taken home and loved. Oh, roasted, baked, in a healthy casserole type of dish? Endless possibilities. Oh, but I like the flowers too. $3.99? Into my hands they go.

So, needless to say, after I published the last video [watch it here], I have found just a few more things that you have to try. All healthy, all real food, and so many practical things you can do with each of them!

Plus, why they are healthy choices.

But you’ll have to watch and see.

>> Click here to watch the video <<

Has anyone else found some great stuff there lately?

If so, do share, in the comments below.

Happy real-food shopping!



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2 comments on “Favorite Healthy Picks @ Trader Joes (Round 2) {VIDEO}

  1. Devani Freeman
    November 14, 2013

    You did it again!!! This totally rocks! Thank you Sarah for sharing your wisdom :)

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